TARGET-X thrives on an active community

Various organizations are now part of our TARGET-X Supportive Partners community. Their expertise in AI, mobile networks, and embedded systems will be instrumental in driving 5G and 6G solutions for European industries.

Our Supportive Partners are:


AIDEAS Project will develop AI technologies for supporting the entire life cycle of industrial equipment (design, manufacturing, use and repair/reuse/recycle) as a strategic instrument to improve sustainability, agility and resilience of the European machinery manufacturing companies.

AIDEAS Project


EmbedPro Ltd


EmbedPro Ltd. specializes in hardware and embedded software development. Thanks to the 15+ years of active experience, the company produces high-quality, reliable developments, products, and intellectual property with our comprehensive knowledge and a wide range of know-how. They believe in close and long-term cooperation with our partners, as well as holding the customers’ hands from the birth of the idea to production and support.

R&D Services and production

• Hardware design
• Embedded Software development
• Embedded Linux
• Mechanical design
• Small series production



MobileNET – Mobile & Aerospace Networks Lab


MobileNET – Mobile & Aerospace Networks Lab: it is a research unit belonging to the Telecommunications Institute (TELMA) of the University of Malaga. The MobileNET group is specialized in research and development related to future generation networks. Located in sunny Málaga, we collaborate with major industrial and academic players it the global arena of mobile and aerospace communications. MobileNET is an international leading research group in the telecommunication field currently working in over than 20 proyects.
Research through decades in network performance analysis, data analytics, forecasting, optimisation, Self-Organising Networks (SON) and machine learning makes us experts in the field of artificial intelligence and mobile networks. MobileNET actively participates in international committees and Working Groups in the Telecommunication area, as well as in the organization of multiple international conferences and workshops.
Furthermore, MobileNET is particularly dynamic in the exchange of researchers with other research institutions, having signed official scientific and technical cooperation agreements all along EU and beyond. The research group is composed over +30 people, including faculty members, post-doc & PhD researchers, top students and management staff.




Build digitally first.

HOCHTIEF ViCon is one of the leading service providers in the field of virtual construction and Building Information Modeling (BIM). They enable their clients and investors to benefit from BIM advantages on their projects.



Advanced Materials Department


Advanced Materials Department is a part of acknowledged public research institute Jožef Stefan Institute, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. They investigate novel materials through an understanding of the mutual dependence of their structural, microstructural and functional characteristics. The application of the research is used in development of new, efficient and environmental friendly materials, mainly for area of energy conversion, electronics, medicine and construction. Modern technologies, enabling the synthesis of materials with atomic- and microscale precision, are used to prepare pre-designed structural 3D materials, thin films and nanoparticles with the desired crystal structure, chemical composition, microstructure and morphology.

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