Two Calls distributing 6 Million €

TARGET-X will launch two open calls to select up to 100 third parties distributing 6 Million € among them.
The funding instrument will include a lump-sum grant of up to 60,000€ per Third Party (whereas a consortium made up of 2 third parties can receive up to 120,000€ in total) for the performance testing or development of devices or solutions. Oriented to technology providers and use cases.

The applicants can be single applicant or consortia. The consortia must be integrated by at least one technology provider and one end user for testing. The total duration of support provided will not exceed 7 months divided into 3 stages:

  • Individual mentoring plan preparation
  • project development and
  • market uptake.

The projects should address the development of devices / solutions or performance testing of technology and systems applicable to the 4 verticals of the TARGET-X project which will be developed to reach technology readiness Level ( TRL) 7.

The results from projects oriented to the development of devices or solutions will integrate the project’s repository. The technology will be available in Open-Source Code and with open interfaces for further reutilisation in the subsequent phase (i.e. beneficiaries of the 2nd TARGET-X Open Call). These projects with a focus on performance testing will rely on the technologies provided by the TARGET-X project .

As the applicant you can access the following documents: Guide for Applicants which includes all the necessary information on the application process/evaluation criteria and Frequently Asked Questions, which explain some more details. They are available via Fundigbox.

How to submit

Proposals will be submitted through the Target-X Open Call microsite between 9th of May at 13.00 (Brussels Time) and 2nd August at 17:00 (Brussels Time): Call is closed.

At any time you can submit your question(s) through theTARGET-X Help Desk! Don’t hesitate to ask any questions: We are here to support your innovation!