Two Calls distributing 6 Million €

TARGET-X will launch two open calls to select up to 100 third parties distributing 6 Million € among them.
The funding instrument will include a lump-sum grant of up to 60,000€ per Third Party (whereas a consortium made up of 2 third parties can receive up to 120,000€ in total) for the performance testing or development of devices or solutions oriented to technology providers and use cases.

TARGET-X launches its Second Open Call to strengthen important economic sectors in Europe by integrating 5G and 6G, accelerating the digital transformation. Proposals can be submitted from December 6th, 2023 to March 6th, 2024.  Companies of any size, Universities and RTOs can now apply to the second Open Call.

We are looking for an individual entity:

  • 1 SME or
  • 1 University or
  • 1  Research and Technology Organisation (RTO),

or micro-consortium composed of 2 entities only in one of the following configurations:

  • 1 SME and 1 SME or
  • 1 SME + 1 University or
  • 1 SME + 1 RTO or 
  • 1 SME + 1 mid-cap or 1 large company or;
  • 1 University + 1 University or
  • 1 University + 1 RTO
  • 1 University +1 mid-cap or 1 large company or
  • 1 RTO + 1 mid-cap or 1 large company or
  • 1 RTO + 1 RTO

registered prior to the launch of the TARGET-X Second Open Call.

The proposed activities must address performance testing or the development of devices or solutions oriented to technology providers and use cases applicable to only one topic in one of the following verticals: Manufacturing, Energy, Automotive, Construction, and other topics for the development of new devices/solutions, and other topics for evaluation with KPI- & KVI-based methodological assessment framework.

The results from projects oriented to the development of devices or solutions will integrate the project’s repository. The projects with a focus on performance testing will rely on the technologies provided by the TARGET-X project.

As the applicant you can access the following documents:

How to submit

You can submit your proposals through the Target-X Open Call microsite between 6th of December 2023 at 13:00 (CET, Brussels time) and 6th of March, 2024 at 17:00 (CET, Brussels time). Make sure to take a look at the Guide for Applicants and the FAQ so you are well informed before applying.

At any time you can submit your question(s) through the TARGET-X Help Desk! Don’t hesitate to ask!