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Dive into a community composed by Digital Innovation Hubs, institutions, EU agencies, industry partners, and communities, and other deep tech stakeholders all around Europe. 

What is a supportive partner?

Supportive partners are organizations in the 5G/6G area interested in cooperating with the TARGET-X project in a
‘win-win cooperation mode’.

Supportive partners will play a key role in disseminating the community all around Europe. Specific activities for interaction with the consortium partners’ networks will be included, to leverage the community impact and participation of stakeholders.

Who can join:

  • Organisations, not individuals.
  • Private or publicly owned.
  • Both for-profit or non-profit.
  • Proved significant experience in fields such as 5G/6G, AI,  autonomous driving, robotics, circular economy, construction, manufacturing …
  • Aims for EU-wide visibility.
  • Proved international reach and a relevant network of stakeholders (namely SMEs).
  • Commitment to disseminating TARGET-X and its activities to their networks in exchange for visibility and perks.

Why you should sign up as an supportive partner of TARGET-X:

Boost Visibility

By sharing information about a project within their network, companies can enhance their visibility among their peers, clients, and industry stakeholders.

Grow your Network

Project dissemination provides a chance for companies to connect with other organizations and professionals interested in or related to the project.

Enhance your Reputation

Supporting and promoting projects within their network can positively impact a company’s reputation.

Shape the Future

Contribute to the development and testing of cutting-edge mobile communication solutions.


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