TARGET-X joins the 2024 EuCNC & 6G Summit in Antwerp (3 – 6 June 2024)

From vision to reality at EuCNC: 5G real-time energy measurements

TARGET-X will be presenting real-time energy measurements demos at this year’s EuCNC & 6G Summit from 3 to 6 June in Antwerp, Belgium. The project consortium aims at showcasing the cross-vertical application potential of 5G and the developed solutions. With added value gained by the integration of 5G into existing processes, the project partners will illustrate its use in the different verticals: energy, manufacturing, construction and automotive.

Energy awareness

An important aspect within the TARGET-X use cases is the creation of transparency regarding the consumption of electrical energy. For this purpose, an edge-cloud Phasor Measurement Unit (edgePMU) will be employed which is connected to a collaborative robot (cobot) –  acting as an energy consumer. The edgePMU is connected to a 5G network enabling a flexible and mobile communication between energy consumers (e.g., on a shopfloor or construction site) and a centralized energy monitoring suite. The cobot will perform a series of sample manoeuvres controlled by ROS that will result in different energy consumptions. These will be measured by the connected edgePMU. The demo will showcase 5G’s ability to connect various entities to an overarching network. In this case it will be utilized to display the consumption of electrical energy. Ulimately, the insights gained will increase energy awareness. As energy consumption is a basic requirement to identify emission hotspots e.g., in manufacturing processes, it will therefore derive approaches for optimization. Explore the functionality in dialogue with the TARGET-X partners directly on site at the EuCNC & 6G Summit.

Special Sessions

In addition, we cordially invite you to the Special Session: From 5G to 6G Support for CAM (5G6GCAM) on Tuesday, 4 June 2024, 16:00-17:30. Jad Nasereddine from I2CAT Foundation will have a talk on: “Target-X: Accelerating the Uptake of 5G for Automotive”.

Visit TARGET-X at EuCNC & 6G Summit at booth 31/33.